You Will Be Shock With Her Source of Fortune

Paris Hilton has revealed she voted for president-elect Donald Trump.

The heiress, who is currently in Melbourne promoting her new fragrance “Gold Rush”, made the comments during an appearance on The Project on Thursday night.

“I’ve known him since [I was] a little girl — so, yes,” she told panellist Peter Helliar, who had asked if she voted for the billionaire.

It is the first time Hilton, who is a friend of Trump’s daughter Ivanka and received her first modelling gigs through his agency T Management, has revealed how she cast her ballot.

When asked about the election by TMZ last week, she simply replied that her “mother told [her] to never talk about politics or money”.

Speaking at her fragrance launch later that night, Hilton said there was no reason to be “afraid” of Trump.

“I’ve known him since I’m a little girl,” she told radio 3AW at Crown’s Club 23.

“He’s always been so supportive and so respectful and sweet to me and has always had nothing but the kindest things to say about me. So I really appreciate him. He’s a brilliant businessman and I think he’s really going to help [the US] out … don’t be afraid now, he’s actually very sweet.”

Her endorsement represents a backflip of sorts: in an interview with Stellar magazine last month, she denied he would make a good president, instead saying he was a “great businessman”.

The president-elect and Hilton made headlines earlier this year, when a 2003 interview resurfaced in which Trump described a pre-pubescent Hilton as “beautiful”.

The interview, with US shock jock Howard Stern, featured Trump describing the first time he met a 12-year-old Hilton.

“The first time I saw her, she walked into the room. I said, ‘Who the hell is that?'”

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